Creates a tabbed webpage that looks a bit like a text editor from multiple remote markdown files (intended for Github files, but any will do)

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Local/Remote Markdown Website Renderer in Ruby

A small application which renders a text-editor-like web interface, where each ‘file’ is generated from a local or remote markdown file.

Uses Redcarpet to transform each file using GitHub Flavoured Markdown.

Both the application as well as the local markdown files (in markdown/) are contained within the same git repository. You can also supply a set of remote markdown files which will be fetched by the application. This is primarily designed to build a website from multiple files from your GitHub projects.

Using this application on Heroku

To make immediate use of this project one only needs to execute the following commands:

    git clone git:// mywebsite
    cd mywebsite
    heroku create --stack cedar mywebsite
    git push heroku master
    heroku open

Other ins-and-outs