Gunboat is a slow-paced 2D shooter written in Java and JoGL. It is far from finished, but you can try out the current development version anyway.


Gunboat requires Java 1.6 and JoGL. Install Java as usual, and make sure the JoGL binaries (.dll files for Windows, .jnilib for Mac OS X, .so for Linux) are on the system path. (You can just put the libraries in the Gunboat directory if you like.)

Download Gunboat itself here, and unzip it anywhere you like. Run “java -jar dist/Gunboat.jar” to run the game. Gunboat.bat (Windows) or (Mac) will do this for you.

Online Version

I have done some work on an online browser-based version of Gunboat. However, it’s in its very early stages (you can’t shoot, there aren’t any enemies…). I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it - one on had, level design has suddenly become very easy! On the other hand, ick, Javascript. Source code for it is here on GitHub.

The rest of this page largely refers to the offline version, as it has many working gameplay components that the online version does not.


In Gunboat, you are a small ship tasked to defend your harbour against an attacking Navy. You can move freely around, and enemy ships will arrive in the harbour in waves. (Sometimes, allies will arrive to help you as well.) You must defeat all the enemies in each level to progress.

Your ship always appears at the bottom middle of your screen. Around it is a coloured ring, which represents your health. This will contract and change colour from green to red as you take damage. Attached to the right side of your ship is a British flag, representing your ship’s alleigance. Allies may have other flags, and enemies will always have a different flag to yours. Every ship has both a flag and a health ring.

At the top of your screen is your HUD. On the left, your weapon loadout is displayed. The yellow reticle represents your currently-selected weapon, though you can have up to 5 in each slot. On the right, your speed, heading and radar are displayed. Speed and Heading are fairly self-explanatory. The radar has two modes that you can switch between. The default shows a map of the entire harbour, with other vessels appearing on it. Red are enemies, yellow allies, blue crates, and the green dot is you. The other radar mode, which you can toggle to at will, is a close-in radar. This only shows ships close to you, and thus gives higher detail. “Up” on this radar is in front of your ship, as opposed to the map view, where Up is always North.


The game is played with both keyboard and mouse. The controls are:

Ship Types


Other In-Game Items