This is a specialised version of CrapTerminal, created to make it easier to pretend to be an Iridium 9601 satellite modem. Buttons have been added for sending frequently-used strings, and inappropriate options have been removed.

It is important to note that this is not an automated program that behaves like a 9601 - it is simply a basic terminal app with some buttons added to send common 9601 message strings, and a button to send a file’s worth of binary data as the contents of an incoming data packet.

This is a Java app, written for JRE version 6. It requires RxTx, a free serial comms library for Java on Windows, Linux, Mac & Solaris. RxTx is not packaged with this application - you can grab the latest binaries here. (The zip contains an INSTALL file which explains where to put everything on each platform. You must do this before running Iridium9601Sim.)