RPG Dice Roller

This is fast becoming my traditional “learn a new language by coding this” script: a dice roller for tabletop RPGs. This time, I’m learning wxPython!

Written in Python 2.5 and wxPython 2.8, though it might well support earlier versions.

Current systems supported: Old WoD (all editions), nWoD, Exalted, d20, 7th Sea, L5R and Shadowrun. Feedback / suggestions of new systems to include are appreciated!

Use at your own risk, may make the world explode or various lesser symptoms (such as being eaten by a CR3 Dire Badger).

New in version 0.3-20080522

Free Entry mode (under Miscellaneous) added. Thanks to aefaradien for suggesting a better way to do this. Input is sanitised, but there’s still no real error handling so Free Entry probably falls over if you try anything too tricky.

New in version 0.2-20080521

All seems up and running and bug-free. GUI looks nicer. Couple of things in the code could use tidying up, and there’s no real error handling.

New in version 0.1-20080520

Can’t actually roll dice yet, but the data structures and whatnot are in there. How enterprisey. GUI works but is ugly.